Artrinity and The Goss-Michael Foundation Donate to Artist Relief Fund

With heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in our exhibition Postcards of Positivity during the Pandemic this summer, we would like to share exciting news with our supporting art patrons, artists and galleries.


The culmination of efforts by all surpassed our goal of $25K; instead, we donated $32K to the Artist Relief Fund this month, securing $5K grant funding for at least six artists that are facing dire financial circumstances due to COVID-19. As the adage goes, good things do come in small packages, and we are very proud of this philanthropic exhibition that presented charitable charm in the form of intimate postcards.


Huge thanks to these participating artists and galleries that kindly donated to the exhibition, your generosity knows no bounds during this time of emotional and financial hardship. Artists and art patrons alike—far and wide, from Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, Belgium, Norway, France, Italy, the United Kingdom and of course the U.S.A., this exhibition touched many corners of the world. 


Thank you: Carly Allen-Martin, Chelsey Antoinette, Arild Askeland, Charles Baker Strahan, Adam Ball, Jeanette Barnes, Damien Beneteau, Paul Brandford, Hakan Bring, Jon Burgerman, B. Chehayeb, Erin Cluley Gallery, Philip Colbert, Jane Cooper, Gail Delger, Josephine Durkin, Gallery 12.26, Gallery Urbane, James Gilbert, Dayron Gonzalez, Adam Gryba, Joshua Hagler, Matthew Hance, Luke Harnden, Janis Hefley, Christie Helm, Thomas Hoitsma, Alison Jackson, Marilyn Jolly, Will Martyr, Michael Menconi, Juliette Minchin, Francisco Moreno, Will Murchison, Juan Alberto Negroni, Josef O’Connor, Pamela Perl, John Pomara, Donald Quarles, Gerard Rancinan, Shannon Rankin, JM Rizzi, Deborah Rushton, Oliver Schibli, Keer Tanchak, Benjamin Terry, Corrie Thompson, Caroline True, Unit London, Marilyn Waligore, Rachael Wise, Jake Wood-Evans, Barry Whistler Gallery, and Zeke Williams.


With love and thanks to you all, we greatly appreciate your support and donations to this vital cause: Artist Relief.


Joyce, Kenny and Max

Artrinity, and The Goss-Michael Foundation.